4 in 1 Wheelchair 多功能轮椅 | iMove Patient Lift Chair Transfer Chair Rehab Mover


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4 in 1 Wheelchair | | iMove Patient Lift Chair Transfer Chair Rehab Mover. The ideal lifting device/equipment for elderly and patients for home use lifting, transferring, bathing or relieving oneself. Suitable for both bedridden patients or the elderly.

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4 in 1 Wheelchair | iMove Patient Lift Chair Transfer Chair Rehab Mover is designed to make caregiver’s life easier. Say no more to back-breaking manual transfers or awkward elderly/patient hoists to deal with as many caregivers acquire a back injury when they try to lift or move. Safe lifting helps to protect the back while keeping the elderly/patient and caregiver free of injury.

The task of lifting / moving a patient is not an easy task as we need to keep both parties safe from injury. The iMove Patient Lift Chair Transfer Chair Rehab Mover’s innovative design is ease the job of moving and for a better, easier, safer way of taking care of immobile patients or elderly.

iMove Patient Lift Chair Transfer Chair Rehab Mover, is a #4in1 wheelchair, letting you transfer patient or the elderly from their bed easily; directly move them to shower or to the toilet, assisting the mobility impaired. Our 4 in 1 Wheelchair is your good friend for sure, saving you from tiredness and unwanted injuries!

4 Functions in 1:
1) Transfer / Mover Device
2) Indoor wheelchair
3) Shower chair
4) Commode chair

Comes with FREE GIFT: Seat Cushion – Commode bucket

• Sturdy Structure: Ability to accommodate weight of up to 125kg
• Waterproof
• Height-adjustable seat: 10-Levels height adjustable for your comfort
• The PU Mute Casters: Solid wheels made from urethane- strong, long-lasting, quiet, with foot operated locks on all 4 wheels.
• Easy to Excrete: Can be used as commode chair, supported by an excretion bin that can be removed when not in use
• Grip Handles: Grip handles that are easy to hold on to, both for the patient and the caregiver
• Double-locking System: Double locks on seat, for safety
• Seat Cushion: Seat cushion provided as free gift for comfortable seating when used as a wheelchair for the patient

Multiple Applications:
– Moving patients to their bed
– Moving patients to the sofa
– Moving patients to the living room
– Bathing and relieving themselves at the toilet
– Moving patients to the garden or leisure area
– Portable, can be used indoor and outside of the home

The 4 in 1 Wheelchair is a Perfect mobility. A device to ease movement around the home.
Versatile, Lightweight, Portable and for Home Use.

1. Wheelchair to bed transfer device
Can be used as portable hoyer lift in their daily life activities, eg: moving them from the bed to the bathroom

2. Home use wheelchair
Can be used as a wheelchair for home use, eg: moving around their homes, with extra cushioning for comfortable seating

3. Bath/Commode Chair
Can be used to seat the patient for bathing, or excreting. It can also be wheeled over the toilet bowl to facilitate the patient’s excretion functions

Installation Guide Video:

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4 in 1 多功能轮椅
– 上下床移位
– 上厕所
– 洗澡/冲凉
– 转换成大小便椅
轮椅坐垫,含盖小便桶 Set. 现在就购买.

Weight 21.500 kg
Dimensions 70 × 47 × 30 cm

Standard (Yellow), Handcrank (Blue)